Does the technology available to the land surveyor of today make him a better surveyor than the land surveyor of 1950? No, it does not. It may enable him or her to be more accurate and efficient, but no equipment will turn a mediocre surveyor into a good one.

The cornerstone in land surveying is, and always will be, the establishment of property boundaries. A surveyor must possess a firm understanding of boundary law and how the evidence he or she observes in the field fits into and is affected by that law. While the courts have the final word as to a boundaries location, the surveyor must assume a quasi-judicial role in that process.

That being said, BenchMark Surveying has been a leader in the region in adopting new technologies that improve our services to our clients. BenchMark was one of the first private sector surveying firms in the region to use computer aided drafting technology (CAD). This equipment has increased our efficiency and the quality of our drawings.

BenchMark Surveying was the first and for several years the only area surveying firm to employ the use of global positioning system (GPS) technology. The use of mapping grade equipment has permitted us to add land improvement and land use data to our boundary plats at a reasonable cost that make them much more usable than those of our competitors. Our survey grade GPS equipment has enabled us to perform control surveys and large-scale retracement surveys in a more efficient manner. We also employ the use of a mapping software that enables us to integrate information from U.S.G.S. topographic maps and satellite photographs on our survey drawings.

Does all this make us a better business? Yes it does, because it enables BenchMark Surveying to provide a better product to our clients.